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Get stuck into some fast-paced action with the wide betgames offering at PalaceBet and enjoy taking a spin on the most popular live titles, including: Speedy 7, Rock Paper Scissors, War of Bets, 6+ Poker, Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky 7, Lucky 6, Lucky 5 and Dice Duel.

Betgames are fast-paced live dealer betting broadcasts that combine numbered lottery balls or spinning wheels with the regular fixed odds that are commonly found in sports betting. Invented by BetGames.TV, they are popular among players as they offer a real-world gambling experience via a virtual platform that yields quick results and is highly entertaining. Betgames turn in results every 3-5 minutes making them exciting for even the biggest betting veterans and can be played on any device, including desktop, tablet or mobile.

To play betgames, simply select which game you want to explore, choose your favourite market - which includes things like specific numbers to be revealed, odds or evens, total sum of balls and play colours - to automatically add to your betslip on the right hand side of the page. Enter your stake on the betslip to see your potential winnings calculated and once you’re happy, press ‘place bet’ to lock in the action.

Betgames come in many different forms to suit your playing preferences. Among the most popular betgames to play are Bet on Poker and Bet on Baccarat, which are derived from the traditional casino card games. Bet on Poker follows the rules of Texas Hold’em and consists of four betting rounds; one before any cards are dealt, one after each player gets their two cards, one after the Flop has been dealt, and one after the Turn has been dealt.

Other popular betgames include Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Lucky 5 and War of Bets, all of which follow different formats. These include:

Wheel of Fortune. Much like the classic reality show, the Wheel of Fortune betgame involves the live dealer spinning a wheel after bettors have wagered which lucky number the wheel will land on. You can place a bet on one number, a range of numbers, the colour or the quadrant that the wheel reveals. Speedy 7. Perfect for fans of fast-paced action, Speedy 7 requires bettors to pick the right suit of cards before a live dealer draws them. The more you get correct in a row, the higher the winnings. Once you get four in a row you’ll be awarded a bonus, while hitting the lucky number seven reveals an even better prize. Dice Duel. This dice game requires players to pit blue and red numbers against one another to see which rolls the highest, by betting on whether there’ll be even or odd numbers displayed, or whether they’ll go under or over the title shown on the dice. War of Bets. As another card-based betgame, this involves players taking on the live dealer to see who draws the highest value card. Aces are counted as high while a two or deuce are the lowest, with a tie or ‘war’ declared if both hands are the same.

Although there are many different kinds of betgames, they all share similar bet formats. Every betgame features one betting round, with players able to wager in between rounds before every draw takes place. The draws are done every 3-5 minutes and if you have the winning combination, wins are credited to your account instantaneously.

Betgames winning combinations are dependent on the variant being played, but they can include things like matching a certain number and colour of dice being rolled (Dice Duel), guessing the correct number for a wheel to land on (Wheel of Fortune), or choosing the correct numbered ball prior to a draw (Lucky 5).

Betgames are popular among players of all experience levels as they rely more on luck, rather than the statistics or strategy that may be utilised in sports betting. However, there are still some strategies that you can utilise to increase your odds of success. The first thing is to make sure you’re picking the right title for you, based on the game format you find the most engaging and the one you feel the most confident in.

Not all betgames are created equal so some carry a higher probability of success than others. From there, you can seek out specific strategies and tips for specific games - although most are based on preference than strategy. It’s important to note that some betgames are more difficult than others even when they fall under the same title - for example, Lucky 7 can be more complicated than Lucky 6.

Yes, betgames are legal in South Africa and are one of the most popular betting variants on the market. They are only legal when played via a bookmaker or online casino that’s registered by an accredited provincial gambling and racing board. PalaceBet is a legal provider of betgames as we’re accredited by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

You can find the latest betgame results right here at PalaceBet, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not missing out on any of the action.

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