Craps is a hugely popular online game where players bet on the outcome of a roll - or multiple rolls - made via a pair of dice on a live table. The game of chance is considered one of the most exciting and accessible games around due to the wide variety of bets available and easy-to-understand formula. And while there aren’t many variants of craps due to its simplicity, two standouts include craps live and first person craps.

Live craps machine features a mechanical arm that shakes and tosses the dice with varying strength and speed each time, while first person craps utilize 3D graphics to create a lifelike gaming experience. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the classic craps format at PalaceBet or mix things up with one of the variants, we’re confident you’ll have an amazing time!

Played with a pair of standard six-sided dice, craps relies on players betting on the outcome of the roll. The game is played in rounds with players placing their bets on various parts of the live table. Each section of the table signifies a different bet with the related payouts dependent on the outcome of the roll. The player who rolls the dice is known as the shooter and is required to place a minimum ‘pass’ or ‘don’t pass’ bet.

If the roll comes out as a seven or 11, the bets placed on the pass line win, and if the roll is two, three or 12, then the win goes to the don’t pass line. The other line loses in both instances. If the shooter rolls a four to ten on the come out roll, this number becomes the ‘point’. The shooter continues to roll until they get the point number or they get a seven. Once the shooter is out, the next player takes over and the round begins again.

Players can make multiple types of bets when playing craps, including a place bet, field bet and pass bet. The most common types of craps bets are as follows:

Place bet. A place bet is when a player bets on rolling a selected number, before the 7 is rolled. Field bet. This is a one-roll bet, where players bet on the outcome of the next roll. Pass bet. This is one of the most common bets in the game and is made on the shooter’s come out roll. If they win a seven or 11, you win the bet. If they roll a two, three or 12, you lose. Don’t pass bet. This bet is the opposite of the pass bet, except you bet on the shooter losing. Come bet. This is the same as the pass bet except it can be placed while the round is in progress rather than needing to take place before. Don’t come bet. Like the come bet, this can also be placed during the round and follows the same rules as the don’t pass bet.

Craps Betting Strategy

As with any live game, there are multiple strategies that craps players can utilise in order to increase their chances of success. One includes place bets, which is done by putting money on any of the numbers in the four-ten area after the come out roll. It is also possible to win by only using the pass/don’t pass wagers - although this is more advanced. In order to minimise the house edge we recommend players bet the minimum limit on the pass/don’t pass lines and then lay the odds.

Craps live adds some extra excitement to the standard craps format by incorporating a mechanical arm that proves more enjoyable to watch than a human shooter. The dice are rolled by a mechanical arm and the result is entirely random, meaning the outcome is down to chance. The dice are tossed with varying strength and speed each time for some added unpredictability but otherwise is played to the same rules as standard craps.

First person craps replicates the in-person experience via the use of 3D graphics and animation. The variant also gives players the opportunity to demonstrate their strategies during a live dealer craps game accessed by the ‘GO LIVE’ button. Players can see which number they’ve wagered on via the handy ‘my numbers’ display that also details potential payouts should each selection prove successful, and there’s also easy access to craps tutorials to help new players get to grips with the game.