Game Shows

If you’re a fan of TV game shows, then you’ll love our selection of inspired online games that you can play from the comfort of your own home! We’ve got loads of live games for you to try your luck at. Fancy beating the banker? Try Deal or No Deal Live! Or, if you want Mr Monopoly to walk you through the classic board game, have a spin on Monopoly Live. The possibilities are endless with our live game show selection - all you need to do is pick your favourite and start playing!

This money wheel game is loaded with bonus games and multipliers, and is set in a colourful studio to replicate a thrilling game show atmosphere. The money wheel includes a top slot above it and features four exciting bonus games - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

To start, players must place their bets before the wheel spins on numbers one, two, five or 10 and/or wager on one of the bonus games. The multiplier can land horizontally to the bet spot, meaning bigger wins if your bet matches up. All players can observe the bonus games but only those who bet on the outcome will be able to participate.

The four bonus games are as follows;

Cash Hunt - A shooting gallery style game where a number of different multiplier values are disguised as random icons and shuffled before the player selects a target to uncover. Coin Flip - The flip of a coin determines which multiplier is won. Pachinko - This features a large Pachinko wall with pegs. The presenter drops a puck and where it lands determines the value of the multiplier awarded to the players. Crazy Time Bonus Game - Each player selects a coloured flapper (blue, green or yellow) and the presenter spins the wheel. Whichever colour it lands on wins.

Dream Catcher is one of the original games devised by Evolution Gaming in the Live Games market. The game revolves around the big colourful wheel, which comprises 54 segments, 52 of which are numbered either one, two, five, 10, 20 or 40. All numbers correspond to the payout value should a player wager and land on it. For example, betting on 40 would mean getting 40x the stake value back. The higher the number, the fewer times it appears on the wheel.

The remaining two segments are populated by a 2x multiplier and a 7x multiplier which multiplies the winnings by that number. Dream Catcher is hosted by a live presenter who will banter with players during rounds - incorporating that social element players know and love!

While there’s always going to be a house edge in any live game, there are a few ways to increase the probability of making money. The most popular strategy is to bet on lower numbers, as they appear more regularly on the board and still offer a nice cash payout.

Mega Ball is one of the fastest-paced live games you’ll play. It combines several elements from other famous games in various rounds, from the lottery and bingo to multipliers and the bonus round where players can win up to 1,000,000x their total stake!

First players need to purchase a game card, which features 24 random numbers on a standard 5x5 grid. Cards can be bought in quantities of 10, 25 or 100, with the value entirely dependent on the player’s stake.

Once cards have been purchased, the draw will begin where 20 numbered balls are sucked up by the lottery machine and dropped into a transparent tube where they rest for all players to see. Whenever a number matches that on a player's card, it's automatically ticked off and the card will shuffle itself so that the closest to winning sits at the top of the pile. Once a player has all their numbers ticked off, the game will end.

Any fan of this seminal TV show will love playing the online version that’s packed with just as much excitement, mystery and chances to win big money! This live game sees a host and his assistant take players through the classic format after they’ve completed a series of mini-games to get to the main game.

Deal or No Deal has become the world's first 24/7 live game, meaning you can try to beat the banker anytime you like. After completing the mini-games, players are then entered into the elaborate and colourful studio where, like the show, they are tasked with opening the classic red mystery boxes until one remains and the final random prize is won.

A round in Deal or No Deal Live plays out like the real thing, except over snappy two-minute games rather than the usual one hour. Boxes are opened by the assistant in rows of three-four with the banker making an offer in between rounds. One of the most profitable ways of playing the game is to take the offer early on, which - although safe - guarantees profit every time.

At last, a live game for the football fanatics out there! Live Football studio combines the best elements of card games with the world's most popular sport. The soccer elements are laid in plain sight for all to see, with the table resembling a pitch and the running football style commentary from the live dealer.

Players are up against the live dealer who kicks the game off by taking two cards from the decks and assigning one to each player - who represent the home and away sides respectively. Once the cards are dealt, there are three possible outcomes; Home Win, Away Win or Draw.

The winner is determined by which player has the higher card - much like the sport itself, the rules are simple. Players who have backed the winning outcome will be paid their stake at EVENS for a home or away win, and 11:1 for the draw, seeing as this is the most unlikely outcome.

Similar to the aforementioned Mega Ball, this online game show title involved players trying to match the numbers of their cards with the balls called. There’s also the chance to multiply winnings after every round, and after the first 20 balls have been called, the elusive Mega Ball is revealed. If the Mega Ball is featured on a player’s winning line, their prize pot is multiplied again.

The only difference between this and the earlier variant is that players are in charge of monitoring their own card - there’s no automatic ticking off here! That makes it perfect for those who want more involvement in their table game - just make sure you’re paying attention to every number called.

Regardless of which game show game tickles your fancy, we’re sure there’ll be a format you’ll enjoy here at PalaceBet!