Online Roulette

Online roulette is a highly popular game that’s played all over the world. The well-renowned game requires players to bet on the segment colour, number or type of number (i.e. odd or even) that the ball lands on once the wheel has stopped spinning. There are three main variants of the game - American, European and French - that each have subtle differences, but as the game is based on chance rather than strategy, all types of online roulette are easy for players to get involved with.

European Roulette. As the most common form of roulette, this version is played with a wheel that’s numbered from 0 to 36 and offers payouts of 35:1 on winning numbers.

American Roulette. Unlike the European version, this involves 38 pockets and a double 0 pocket, with all segments still numbered from 0-36. Odds are slightly longer in this version with a payout of 37:1.

French Roulette. French roulette is similar to the European variant in that it features numbers from 0-36 and payout odds of 35:1. This version is extremely popular due to the unique bets you can place, such as ‘call bets’.

Roulette is always a fun game to play due to its format, but it can be tricky getting to grips with it at first due to all the different types of bets. These can differ based on variant.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are those that are made on the perimeter of the roulette table, and are made on groups of numbers or colours rather than a specific number. They include:

Red/ Black - Wagering on the colour Odd/Even - Betting on the type of number High/ Low - Numbers 0-18 are considered low and 19-36 are classed as high Columns - Betting on the ball landing on numbers within three columns on the board. Each column pays 2:1 or double your bet Dozens - This bet covers numbers split into three sections, the first of which are numbers 1- 12, the second being numbers 13-24, and the third being numbers 25-36

Inside Bets

These cover picks that are made from inside the rectangle where all the numbers are held, and include:

Straight Up - Placing a bet on any single number on the wheel Split - This is the opposite to a straight bet - players can place their bets on a line between two numbers, meaning if the ball lands on either one you win Street - Betting on any row of three numbers i.e. 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 etc. Corner - Similar to a split but incorporates four numbers instead of two Line - Very similar to street bets but covers two rows of three numbers (i.e. 1-6, 4-9)

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced roulette player, there are plenty of strategies formulated by players to help you up the chances of winning. A few of our top picks are as follows:

Block Betting

A simple but effective strategy, block betting involves a single or series of bets covering a ‘block’ of numbers on the board. For example, this could be street or corner bets.

Double Bet

Double bets involve players doubling their wager after every loss until they win, and then returning to the original amount.

Line Betting

Line betting is when, instead of betting on a single number, players place it on the line that separates two numbers.

At PalaceBet, we have 20 different types of roulette you can try your luck on. One of our most popular variants is first-person roulette - the standard European version - with 37 pockets numbered 0-36. Speed roulette is also available where players can enjoy an extra 50 rounds per hour, and we also feature double ball roulette, which means a greater chance of winning big.

Due to the different types of bets outlined above, winning odds vary depending on which you place. A single number bet will have winning odds of 37:1 (American) or 35:1 (French and European) whereas your chances increase dramatically should you place an odd/even or red/black bet, giving you a greater chance of winning but at much shorter odds. However, if you play with real money, then your payouts will hold monetary value.

It is legal to play roulette online when done so via a company that’s registered by an accredited provincial gambling and racing board. PalaceBet is a legal provider of betgames as we’re accredited by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

Lighting roulette is a live table game that fuses elements of classic French roulette with game show features. Every round is quick but players can win up to 500x their original stake, with the live dealer taking on the role of a game show presenter. As with French roulette, standard bets can be placed, but the game will also randomly select up to five ‘lucky numbers’ that result in additional payouts.

Auto roulette is a variant of European roulette that doesn’t feature a dealer and is best suited to those who want to play quickly at high stakes. It follows standard European roulette games as it features 37 pockets and a single zero. The main difference between auto roulette and other variants is that you can place mega stakes on top of standard bets.

Instant roulette also uses European rules as it features a single zero, but unlike standard roulette, there are 12 synchronized individual wheels spinning sequentially. Balls drop one after another into various reels, making instant roulette best suited to players looking for instant results.

Dual play roulette allows both online and real-world players to play at the same table, following the same rules as the standard European roulette. There are 36 black/red segments and one green zero pocket, with each bet coming with different odds. This is perfect for those who want to play alongside an unlimited number of bettors from all over the world.

Double ball roulette is played with not one ball, but two. Players can either choose outside bets or inside bets - each of which have the potential to double or halve a stake - and like European roulette, this variant features a single zero. Most of the layout is the same as conventional roulette aside from the double balls, meaning both balls must be successful for outside bets to win.

First person roulette features 37 pockets - numbered from zero to 36 - and allows for a combination of outside and inside bets. This variant combines online and live table games in that players can choose to jump straight to a live roulette table via the in-game portal in just a few seconds. This means you can enjoy the best of online and live roulette at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever you want!